Part I: Through Ukraine and the Stavropol Krai to Dagestan

The first obstacle was, quite unexpectedly, the Polish-Ukrainian border with a huge queue. “Well, if we’re lucky, we should be able to cross the border by tomorrow...” – I thought when within one hour we moved only a few metres forward.
“Oh, another Lada Niva, why not talk to its passengers?”
“Why are you waiting here?” – asked a nice Ukrainian guy from the Lada. I wasn’t quite sure what he meant...

„Don’t you know that with a child less than 2 years old you don’t have to stand in the queue?” Together with Lena we went to talk to the border guards. It turned out that this regulation was no longer in force, but they let us go. We were driving along the queue when suddenly a sly looking guy jumped right in front of our car and started shouting: “You have connections here or have bribed someone! You’re not going anywhere!” But we continued.
We were surprised by the Ukrainian side. As soon as they noticed a child peering out of the window (well, we did our best to make sure they saw her), they let us pass without a word. All formalities took just a few minutes. Phew!
Thanks to Lena, the Ukrainian soil greeted us friendly.

The first bath in Cherkassy... Of course, we availed ourselves of the luxury, knowing that we would not have too many occasions to use a bathroom with running water.

Entering Dagestan...