A view of Gunib. It was there that the Second Caucasian War, which resulted in the Russian conquest of the Caucasus, ended in 1859 with the imprisonment of Shamil, the Imam of Chechnya and Dagestan.

Imam Shamil is looking at the village from above. We were told that in Soviet times there used to be a portrait of Lenin.

The nearby mountains have incredible forms.

The Avar people living in this part of Dagestan used to build terrace fields. In order to fertilize them, they used to bring in soil from the Dagestani plains which lie several dozens kilomteres away.

The entrance to the fortress built by the Russians in 1860s.

Behind the wall visible on the photo, there is a several hundred metre precipice.

There was nobody in the whole fortress.

Even in Soviet times, the inhabitants of Gunib were very religious. It is better not to visit the village in shorts.

Photos by: Andrea and Maciej Falkowski