Our publications, posters and presentations on Shiri or Sanzhi

1) Questions in Sahzhi Dargwa

2) Dislocation in Nakh-Daghestanian languages

3) Grammatical relations in Sanzhi Dargwa

4) Conjunction particles in Nakh-Daghestanian - topic, focus or something else?

5) Person marking and information structure in Nakh-Daghestanian

6) Social cognition in Sanzhi handout

7) Social Context of Wild Leafy Vegetables in Shiri

8) Below: poster for International conference “Language Documentation: Past – Present – Future” in Hannover/Germany, 5 to 7 June 2013.

8)Below: poster presented at the International Conference of Ethnobotanics in Cordoba, Nov. 2014. Article "The social context of wild leafy vegetables uses in Shiri, Daghestan" is currently peer-reviewed at the Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine