Local knowledge about eatable plants in Shiri

Below an article published in the Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine in July 2015 "Social Context of Wild Leafy Vegetables Uses in Shiri, Daghestan"

Objectives of the project

1) Collect all natural remedies and eatable plants inhabitants of Shiri remember of. First part of the plants collected in summer 2013 is being identified by the emploees of Warsaw Botanical Garden at the moment.

2) Dictionary of local plants names and local classifications.

3) Knowledge about plants, they ways they are used.

Going-along with Shiri people to the meadows and pastures to collect herbs and other plants they typically use for their cuisine and which they eat on the spot.
The whole process is recorded on the video camera. Plants with roots and stables are collected and put in the herbarium afterwards. Names of the plants are recorded at least twice - once on the spot on the camera, then back home on the dictaphone.

Semi-structured interviews with people who collect plants

Patricipant observation on plants use and plants' importance in everyday life.

Inhabitants of Shiri, esp. women, while their knowledge about herbs and plants used for local cuisine is more extensive and they are more eager to walk along for several hours in the fields.

Photographs with plants' names (coming soon)