The Foundation Board

Iwona Kaliszewska

Ethnologist, IT specialist, president of the Foundation (up to August 2010 vice-president). Currently an associate of the Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology, Warsaw University; conducts field research in Dagestan, travels to Russia and other countries of the former USSR. Author of several photographic exhibitions, scientific articles and numerous slide shows. Together with her spouse runs an Internet gallery Contact:, +48 691 945 797

Karolina Rzemieniuk

Ethnologist, comes from Skarżysko-Kamienna. She has been travelling to the Caucasus and Russia for the last few years. Fascinated with the Russian North Caucasus and its ethnic mosaic, especially her beloved Dagestan, as well as the South Caucasus with its ancient cultures and unique wildlife. Contact:

Patrycja Prześlakiewicz

Born in 1974. Graduate of the Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology, Warsaw University. Currently an associate of the Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology at the University of Warsaw. Contact:

Foundation Board (up to August 2010)

Maciej Falkowski

Former president of the Foundation. The Caucasus is his hobby, he also deals with the region on the professional level. Author of many articles and lectures about the Caucasus. Contact:

Iwona Kaliszewska

Karolina Rzemieniuk

Patrycja Prześlakiewicz

Aims of the Foundation:

a) to gather and popularize knowledge of the North and South Caucasus in Poland;

b) to foster cooperation and establish strong ties between the Polish and Caucasian societies;

c) to promote and protect democratic values, civic liberties and human rights;

d) study of foreign languages;

e) to provide help to students from the Caucasus who study in Poland.

The Foundation wants to realize its aims through:

a) organizing cultural events: exhibitions, concerts, slide shows, films, meetings with famous people in order to familiarize the Polish society with the Caucasus, its history, culture and contemporary problems;

b) organizing study tours to the Caucasus;

c) inviting to Poland representatives of scientific and cultural circles, social activists as well as students and NGO members from the Caucasus;

d) running the website dedicated to the Caucasus;

e) publishing books, albums and folders about the Caucasus;

f) organizing and participation in scientific conferences on the Caucasus issues;

g) establishing contacts with scientific and cultural institutions as well as NGOs from Poland and abroad which deal with the problems of the Caucasus.



Maciej Falkowski,
Iwona Kaliszewska 691 945 797,
Patrycja Prześlakiewicz
Karolina Rzemieniuk,

We welcome all cooperation!