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Ramzan's Chechnya

Contemporary Chechnya under the rule of Ramzan, by Iwona Kaliszewska, for New Eastern Europe

Dangerous Indifference

How does the Russian state look from the perspective of the Northern Caucasus 20 years after the collaps of the Soviet Union? Iwona Kaliszewska for NEW

La Illaha iIl Allah

Dzikr recording from Andi, Dagestan

Subterranean Rumblings

To many outsiders, autocratic Azerbaijan looks stable. But looks can be deceiving. Analysis by Maciej Falkowski on TOL (Transitions online)

Around the Caucasus with the Baby

The account of a trip that we took with our baby through Dagestan, Kabardino-Balkaria, Georgia, the Pankisi Gorge and Turkey – photos and reflections about travelling with a baby .

A mini guide to Dagestan

For all travellers and globtrotters willing to discover this unknown and beautiful place. At the moment unfortunatelly - unstable

Svaneti. A window for the Caucasus

photo report and tips from autumn trekking in Svaneti, the land of Georgian highlanders - Svans. By Olga Pliszczyńska.


Photo report from the summer of 2008, The travel from Nagorno-Karabakh to Armenia through occupied territories and Dadivank Monastery

Map of Dagestan

Download a map of Dagestan

Photo report from the Dagestani village of Maali

Photo report from the celebration of the inauguration of the new mosque in the Dagestani village of Maali.

Peoples and ethnic groups of the Caucasus

Everyone associates the Georgians, Chechens or Azerbaijanis with the Caucasus, but have you ever heard about the Akhvakhs, Baghulals, Tsakhurs, Didos or Tindals? Click here to find out more about the colourful mosaic of peoples and ethnic groups living in the Caucasus. .

Savoir-vivre in the Caucasus

How to travel in the Caucasus with respect for the culture of its inhabitants. .

Pankisi Gorge

Our Favourite Images of the Pankisi Gorge by Iwona and Sebastian Kaliszewski .

Hinalug (Xinaliq)

Photos of Hinalug (Xinaliq), an Azerbaijani village located high in the Caucasus Mountains, by Maciej and Andrea Falkowski .

Georgian Vehicles

A new photo gallery from Georgia. Georgian vehicles, photos by Jan Lutyk .

Images of Chechnya

Photos of Grozny, Starye Atagi and other places in Chechnya taken in 2007 by Olga Mielnikiewicz .


Photo reports, photo galleries and articles from Dagestan .


Photo report from Karachay-Cherkessia, photos by Andrea and Maciej Falkowski .


Photo reports from Kabardino-Balkaria .


Photo gallery from Ingushetia, photos by Magda Rapinczuk .