Climbing Mount Elbrus with a baby

Driving from Dagestan to the Black Sea coast, we decided to turn aside from the main road and visit the Prielbrusye National Park in Kabardino-Balkaria, all the more that we had to wait for two days for a ferry to take us from Sochi to Trabzon.

We reached the altitude of 3500m by cableway. First we took the new one...

And continued with the old one...

The last station of the cableway does not work “as usual”. Some people decide to continue on horseback.

Others prefer to go by snowgroomer.

We decided to walk.

The trail is full of people – some of them are going up in order to reach the summit, others just want to take a walk on the glacier.

The sun beats down mercilessly. Unfortunately, not everyone has sunglasses...

Lenka falls asleep, the altitude does not seem to be a problem for her.

Ordinary sneakers are not the best shoes to wear when climbing a glacier...

We reach 4000m, all wet and dazzled by the sun we give up. The summit is a bit over 1600m away. Maybe next time :)

In the meantime, our child wakes up and admires the surroundings with a smile.

Time for a meal, at 3500 it is as delicious as ever

We descend again by cableway, but this time she’s awake.

Finally, we would like to thank the “Horyzont” shop for lending us the baby carrier.

Photos by: Iwona and Sebastian Kaliszewski