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Azerbaijan – analytical website about current political, social and economic events in Azerbaijan (RUS); – daily news from Azerbaijan (ENG, RUS); – daily news and articles about the situation in Azerbaijan (RUS, ENG); – The Echo newspaper website (RUS); – The Zerkalo newspaper website (RUS); – official governmental site; info on Azerbaijan, news (RUS, ENG); – website dedicated to Azerbaijani literature and language (ENG); – daily news from Azerbaijan (ENG); – website of the Centre for the Polish Language and Culture in Baku (POL); – website on human rights protection in Azerbaijan (RUS, ENG); – tourist info on Azerbaijan (ENG); – website of the Azeri diaspora in Russia (RUS); – president Ilham Aliyev’s official website (RUS, ENG); - website of Mehriban Aliyeva, the Azerbaijani president’s spouse (RUS, ENG).

Armenia – The Yerkir newspaper website (RUS, ENG); – daily news from Armenia (RUS, ENG); – The Arka News Agency, news from Armenia (RUS, ENG); – general info on Armenia, tourist info (ENG); – The Noyan Tapan News Agency (ENG, RUS); – info-analytical website on Armenia (ENG, RUS); – The Armenia Voice (“Golos Armenii”) website (RUS); – political news from Armenia (ENG); – website on human rights protection in Armenia (ENG); – website featuring Armenian news, music, weather, etc. (RUS); - website featuring Armenian news, music, weather, etc. (RUS); – the Armenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs website (ENG); – news from Armenia (RUS); – The Armenpress News Agency (RUS, ENG); – info on Armenia’s history, geography, culture (ENG); – basic info on Armenia (ENG); – tourist website about Armenia (ENG).

Georgia – info-analytical site about the situation in Georgia (ENG); – articles from the Russian press about Georgia and from the Georgian press about Russia (RUS); – daily news from Georgia (RUS); – The Georgian Times newspaper (ENG); – daily news from Georgia (RUS); – The Sarke News Agency (RUS, ENG); - news from Georgia (ENG, RUS); – website featuring info about the situation in Georgia (RUS); – news from Georgia and the entire North and South Caucasus (ENG, GERM, FR); – news, music, photos from Georgia (RUS); - Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies (ENG); – tourism in Javakheti (ENG); - trekking in Svaneti (ENG); – website about the Georgian culture, history, music (ENG); - The South Caucasus Institute for Regional Security; analytical articles about the situation in Georgia and other South Caucasus republics (RUS, ENG).

Abkhazia – website on Abkhazia: daily news, history, culture, etc. (RUS); – website of Abkhazia’s president Sergey Bagshpa (RUS, ENG); – news, history, culture of Abkhazia (RUS); – website presenting Abkhazia from the Georgian perspective (RUS); – pro-Georgian website on Abkhazia and South Ossetia (RUS).

South Ossetia – The Molodezh Osetii (Ossetia’s Youth) newspaper (RUS); – news from South Ossetia (RUS); – news service of South Ossetian separatists (RUS); – South Ossetian website (RUS).

Nagorno-Karabakh – the Nagorno-Karabakh “Ministry of Foreign Affairs” site (ENG, RUS); – British website on Nagorno-Karabakh (ENG); – the youth server of Karabakh (RUS).

Dagestan – relatively independent newspaper – The Novoe Delo (RUS); – The Chernovik relatively independent newspaper website (RUS, ENG); – mountain trekking in Dagestan (RUS); – The Assalam Islamic newspaper site (RUS); – site about Dagestani villages-auls (RUS); – site about the Laks (RUS); – the city of Makhachkala official website (RUS); – tourist agency Djami (RUS, ENG); – oppositionist website about Islam in Dagestan (RUS); – the Dagestani government official website (RUS); – Sufi Islam in Dagestan (RUS); – the Mountain Jews’ website (RUS); – website on Dagestani Islam (RUS); – site about the Laks (RUS, ENG); – site about the Lezgins (RUS); – website of the Mountain Jews (RUS); – The Delovoy Mir Dagestana website (RUS); – website of Derbent (RUS);

Chechnya – The Chechen Obshchestvo (Chechen Society) newspaper published in Nazran (RUS); – website of the Chechen migrants living in the West (RUS); – website of the Russians who are against the war in the Caucasus (RUS); – the Chechen government website (RUS); – website about Chechnya, a lot of propaganda, but also a good section about music and culture (RUS); – one of the sites of the Chechen militants (RUS); – a refugee website, also about Chechen refugees (RUS); – Czech info-analytical website about Chechnya (ENG); – website of the moderate wing of Chechen militants (RUS, ENG); – pro-governmental website about Chechnya (RUS); – The Dosh (Word) monthly journal dedicated to Chechnya, published in Moscow (RUS); - Chechnya Advocacy Network (ENG); – website of the Chechen Islamists (RUS, ENG); – pro-governmental news service about Chechnya (RUS); – website about the Chechen zikr (ENG).

Ingushetia – independent Ingush website featuring news, history, culture, music (RUS); – pro-governmental website about Ingushetia (RUS); – official website of Ingushetia (RUS); – website about the history of Ingushetia and the Ingush people (RUS); – pro-governmental website about Ingushetia (RUS).

North Ossetia – North Ossetian website featuring news, entertainment, music (RUS); – website about Ossetia: current events, history, culture (RUS); – website of the Ossetian radio: news, music and articles about North and South Ossetia (RUS); – website about the history of Ossetia (RUS); – news service on North and South Ossetia (RUS).

Adyghe and Circassian websites – history, ethnography of the Adyghe people (RUS); – Adyghe news service (RUS, ANG); – Adyghe history and culture (ENG); – info-analytical Adyghe website (RUS); – website about Adygea (RUS); – official site of Adygea (ros.); – history, culture, politics of Adygea (ENG); – tourism in Adygea (RUS); – the Adyghe people history and culture (RUS).

Kabardino-Balkaria – University of Kabardino-Balkaria (RUS); – basic info on Kabardino-Balkaria (RUS); – news service about Kabardino-Balkaria (RUS); – culture of Kabardino-Balkaria (RUS); – info-analytical site about Kabardino-Balkaria (RUS); – mass media in Kabardino-Balkaria (RUS); – info-analytical website about Kabardino-Balkaria (RUS); – site of the president of Kabardino-Balkaria (RUS); – news and general info on Kabardino-Balkaria (RUS).

Karachay-Cherkessia – official website of Karachay-Cherkessia (RUS); – website on the Karachay history (RUS); – news, photos, ethnology of Karachay-Cherkessia (RUS); – forum of the Karachays and the Balkars (RUS); – tourism in Karachay-Cherkessia (RUS); – mountain trekking in Karachay-Cherkessia (RUS); – mountain trekking in Karachay-Cherkessia (RUS); – info service on Karachay-Cherkessia (RUS).

Recommended Western websites – analytical site about the South Caucasus and Central Asia; – The Jamestown Foundation; analyses on countries of the former USSR, including the Caucasus (e.g. The Chechnya Weekly); – Radio Free Europe; - International War and Peace Reporting; one of the best analytical websites about the Caucasus and Central Asia; - Transitions Online; analyses on post-Soviet republics; - International Crisis Group; analyses about conflicts and problems in the whole world, including the Caucasus; - Central Asia-Caucasus Institute; analyses about the Caucasus and Central Asia; – the German Deutsche Welle Radio (a lot of info on countries of the former USSR).

Recommended Russian websites – the most reliable news service about the Caucasus; – site of the “Memorial” human rights organization; many articles analysing the present situation in the Caucasus; – independent info-analytical on-line newspaper; – independent info-analytical on-line newspaper; – The Kommersant daily website; – The Nezavisimaya Gazeta site; – independent info-analytical website; – independent analytical website; – Radio Svoboda; – Radio Ekho Moskvy; – website of the Political News Agency (APN), many analytical articles about the situation in the Caucasus from the point of view of the Russian hard-liners; – one of the few really independent Russian papers; lots of info about the Caucasus; the late Anna Politkovskaya used to work for them; – info-analytical service about the former USSR, a lot of detailed info about the Caucasus; – The Russian Information Agency; news, analyses of the situation in the Caucasus from the perspective of the Russian government.

Other websites – news service about the North Caucasus (RUS); – info-analytical website about the North Caucasus (RUS, ENG); – the Caucasus mountains tourist guide written in the Soviet times (RUS); – The Stavropolskaya Pravda newspaper (RUS); – links to North Caucasian websites (ENG); – The Severny Kavkaz newspaper (RUS); – detailed info on the Caucasus (RUS); – popular all-Caucasian website featuring news, entertainment etc. (RUS); – The Gazeta Yuga about the North Caucasian issues (RUS); – website about the republics of the South Caucasus (ENG); – Turkish website about the Caucasus (ENG, RUS); – analytical website about the South Caucasus (RUS).

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